The Quest for Vegan Whipped Cream


I really want to find a yummy vegan whipped cream.  A lot of recipes use silken tofu. Tofu doesn’t taste very good on dessert. And it’s not even fluffy.  I tried some of my own ideas.

  • adding powdered soy milk to regular soy milk to make it creamier
  • whipping cold Earth balance into  cold soy milk (Yuck!)
  • whipping melted Earth Balance into cold soy milk
  • whipping canola oil into cold soy milk
  • evaporating fat-free soy milk and then trying to whip it following these directions

Nothing worked! *sigh*

Here are the two best recipes I’ve found.

I found a Youtube video on how to whip coconut cream.  It uses a can of coconut milk and powdered sugar.  It is easy and yummy.  It melts quickly.  You can whip it again if you put it in the refrigerator for a while.  Don’t put the can of coconut milk in the freezer.  You will not be able to open the can.  If you do get it open, you will not be able to get the coconut milk out.  It freezes rock-hard.

Diet, Dessert, and Dogs has a recipe for a coconut-based topping. It is fluffier than the first recipe. It has a lot of steps.  It uses mostly rice milk, agar, and coconut milk.  It makes a fluffy yummy topping.  Some of my friends don’t like coconut. I tried using vanilla soy milk instead of coconut milk.  That didn’t work.

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  1. orangold says:

    Hi, I’ve also been trying to make a good homemade vegan whipped cream. I’ve tried some of the commercial varieties like Soyatoo but I don’t care for the flavour. One recipe that I created by accident when making a raw vegan recipe worked quite well. You take some desiccated coconut and almonds (about 50:50) and blend it to a thickish milk (not too thick, just bit thicker than normal milk). Then you strain the mixture (you can use the pulp for cookies, cakes, etc.) and leave it the fridge for a while and it becomes thick and creamy. Also I thought the coconut flavour was less strong, perhaps because of the almonds. It uses far fewer nuts than most nut whipped cream recipes that are around so it’s cheaper.

  2. admin says:

    Sounds yummy! I will try that soon!

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